OTP - ICC Final.pdfTake Action NOW to stop the killings in the Philippines!

President Rodrigo Duterte campaigned on a promise to kill people who use, or are involved with, drugs. Since taking office only in July of 2016 more than 13,000 people have been murdered on the streets of the Philippines. Many of these people were simply named as drug users and their lives ended shortly thereafter. In addition, over 1 million people have been forced to surrender under the threat of death. They are then held in inhumane conditions at overcrowded jails and "drug rehabs."

President Duterte has offered rewards, promised protection and even bonuses for people who murder people involved with drugs. This culture of impunity which is fostering the gravest of crimes must be addressed and those most responsible must be held accountable. 

We are asking all advocates, organizations and leaders to take action by calling on the International Criminal Court to begin an investigation for Crimes Against Humanity in the Philippines. We have coordinated a letter detailing to the prosecutor why she should take action. Signatures will be added to the letter which will be dated and transmitted to the Office of the Prosecutor on a rolling basis. 

To sign your name or your organization onto the letter send an email to Info@HelpNotHandcuffs.org stating your organization's name and authorizing its name to appear on the letter. 

Click here to view the letter.