Help Not Handcuffs, Inc. Candidate Survey - 2017

The Help Not Handcuffs, Inc. Candidate Survey is polling every candidate for state-level office in New Jersey. We are asking the questions that voters need to know the answers to about ending the war on drugs, promoting harm reduction to stop escalating overdose deaths, protecting human rights in treatment, legalizing marijuana and addressing police and institutional violence. 

Our survey was drafted and outreached this year by:

Randy Thompson, CEO, Help Not Handcuffs, Inc.

Jeana Sager, Trustee, Help Not Handcuffs, Inc.

Jennifer M. Gómez, Ph.D.
Trauma Psychology Researcher
Postdoctoral Fellow, Wayne State University

Deirdre "Tiff" Metcalf, MSW, Advocate, Help Not Handcuffs, Inc. 

Click here to read the fully detailed and referenced Help Not Handcuffs, Inc. Candidate Survey - 2017. Check back soon to see responses from New Jersey's candidates for state level office!