January 2016

Global Drug Policy Learning opportunity at the United Nations University: Rethinking Metrics to Evaluate Drug Policy

3 November 2017

Responses to the Help Not Handcuffs, Inc. Candidate Survey are in!

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15 May 2016

Q 104.3 FM "Sonstein Sundays," host Shelli Sonstein Speaks with Randy Thompson about Supervised Injection Facilities, Substance Use Disorders and more!

22 September 2016

NJ 12 TV Coverage of the "2nd Annual New Jersey Celebrates Recovery" at Middletown Event

1 Aug 2016

Over 300 NGO's call on U.N. to condemn extra judicial killings of people who use drugs in the Philippines!


09 ​February 2016

Global Drug Policy Learning opportunity at the Open Society Foundation: Drug Crop Production, Poverty and Development

26 October 2016

Atlantic Highlands Herald: Advocates Decry Lack of Action After 2nd Dead Woman in Neptune Township

27 October 2016

The Coaster: Questions Raised About Neptune Arrest. 

8 September 2016

2nd Annual New Jersey Celebrates Recovery at Middletown Event

15 August 2016

 Wells Fargo awards Help Not Handcuffs a $1,000 Community Connection Grant!

2017 Candidate Survey Results! 

30 July 2015

Asbury Park City Council Pushes to Legalize Pot   

31 December 2014

Help not Handcuffs Holiday Drive Offers Compassion for Victims of the War on Drugs

22 May 2015

Help not Handcuffs Invited to Panel Discussion on Substance Use

Watch the video to the right to see the NJ 12 News Coverage of our event and our message of decriminalization and ending forced treatment!

30 June 2015

Asbury Park backs legalization of Marijuana   

29 June 2015

Letter to the Editor - Stop Funding the war on Drugs


8 September 2016

U.N. releases report: "Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict: 10 Ideas for Action by the United Nations Security Council"

11 February 2016

Help Not Handcuffs Founder Appears Before United Nations - Thompson: Drug Prohibition Policy Forces Law Enforcement Interaction

25 February 2016


THOMPSON: State shouldn’t fund drug war expansion - drug arrests up in NJ

07 April 2016

Discarded Needles in Communities and Soaring Overdose Deaths Yet Harm Reduction Programs Remain Inactive or Non-Existent

​(Atlantic Highlands Herald)

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28 July 2016

 Bill Daughtry Interviews Help Not Handcuffs' Randy Thompson, on ESPN Radio's New York Sports and Beyond!

01 August 2015

Little Dickman Records Names Help Not Handcuffs Recipient of Proceeds from "Summer Bummer 2015" CD 

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08 July 2015

Asbury Park Council votes unanimously on Marijuana legalization resolution  

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New Jersey Celebrates Recovery?

​​11 June 2015

Help not Handcuffs suggests city legalizes Marijuana

07 April 2016

Help Not Handcuffs Aims for Harm Reduction Strategies

(Asbury Park Sun)

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8 September 2016

U.N. releases report: "Fighting Human Trafficking in Conflict: 10 Ideas for Action by the United Nations Security Council"

7 November 2016

Asbury Park City Council to Introduce Sterile Syringe Program!

2017 Candidate Survey Responses!

7 October 2016 Op-Ed

Thompson: Asbury Park Must Act on Syringe Access Program.

28 October 2016

Police Oversight Raised at Asbury Park City Council Meeting